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At School of Seduction we are specialized in “Intimate Social Interaction” between men and women. We understand the attraction process between the two sexes and the biological motivations as to why we form intimate relationships with others. So in our professional opinion “attraction can definitely be learned!”. We have spent nearly a decade exploring and ultimately mastering the arts of attraction, seduction and of a godlike sexual skill. For many years we have been teaching our knowledge to an international array of interested people. All of them came from all walks of life and each with their own personal reasons as to why they wanted to expand their horizon. Ultimately all have expressed their deep gratitude for the knowledge and guidance we provided.

Whether it is about the fear of approaching and speaking to strangers or knowing what to say or how to behave in a way that is attractive to others. Many people struggle in life when it comes to making (intimate) social contact or finding love. Others don’t understand the emotions of the person they are in a relationship with, or their own emotions for that matter. Some don’t seem to have the abilities needed to attract a person in an intimate way while others struggle seducing the one they feel attracted to. And if that hurdle is overcome the next thing many deal with is “how to create a heavenly sexual experience”. Everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with these or similar issues, and that’s why we started School of Seduction.

School of Seduction provides services perfectly designed to fit your personal needs and which are shaped by a decade of international experience. Whether it’s personal coaching, a weekend training, a masterclass or a week’s training tour to an exotic location, we have been doing it for many years and have helped several thousands of happy attendees along the way.
We solely work with well educated and certified professionals who have many years of practical “in-field” experience and are therefor considered to be the absolute pinnacle in this area of expertise.

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